When we combined passion and love into one design we never thought it would look this good. DogBull has been family owned and operated since 2015 out of Lenexa, KS. We developed a simple, yet sophisticated design that we originally created for our home only. It wasn't until we had our design in our hands that we realized you had to have one, too. Our elevated and adjustable dog feeder eliminates the stress & mess as it sits elegantly in your home.


Now, you may be wondering, why Dogbull? Well, we have realized that competing products are being made cheaper and cheaper by the day. We decided to separate from the competition to set the bar higher. Dogbull is better quality, sturdier, and will hold its ground. Dogbull will not tip over and will not scoot. So, we ask, why not buy something of value that will last you year after year? 

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DogBull, inc. Since 2015